About govad MUSIC

govad MUSIC, former AGENTUR govad, founded in 2007, is an intercultural working agency for sound design and music marketing. We design, compose and produce Sound and Music for unique branding strategies, social media, emotional marketing and advertising for the digital and as well for the analog world.

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The name „govad“ results from the fantasy language „Sindarin“ of Tolkien’s „Lord of the Rings“. It means „to make people meet each other“. And this name is program for our intercultural work.

Director of govad MUSIC is Monika Bremer. Monika is an experienced project manager, looking back on 25 years of international business experience. She worked in bank and industry environment as project manager, marketing manager and business development.

She is certified in Social Media Marketing and also got professional education in Booking and Artist Management at the EBAM (Academy for Event- and Culturemangement) in Munich. Further she passed Journalist Education (Laudius) and Online Media Training at the Bavarian Academy for Journalists. She is experienced in culture activities since 1987.
Monika is currently living in Cairo, also working as music teacher at the DEO (Deutsch Evangelische Oberschule). She makes music for more than 30 years and plays piano, traverse flute and trombone with many years of orchestra and jazz orchestra experience also in international environment. Currently she is member of the Cairo Choral Society as Soprano, conducted by Prof. Dr. John Baboukis, head of music department AUC (American University Cairo).

govad MUSIC is the responsible promoter (organizer) for the W:O:A (Wacken Open Air, world-wide biggest rock and metal festival) Metal Battle in Middle East. This is including the countries Egypt, Lebanon, Dubai and Jordan. Thus she is well known in the local music scene and has the corresponding network for music business not only in Germany but also in Cairo.

Now, with the relaunch of govad MUSIC, Monika is able to combine her competencies from the business expereriences and music management. She is working with an international team with different nationalities, characters and competencies!

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