Bands choosen for the Metal Battles in Middle East

After all applications arrived, a preselection jury has listened to the demo songs the bands applied with.
Based on composition, originality, quality of vocal and instrumental performance and if the songs could convince or not, the decision was made.



Members of the preselection jury:

  • Janne Lundquist from Sweden, Metal Battle Promoter for Sweden and longterm market player in the music business
  • Kasper Molin, Denmark, Metal Battle Promoter for Denmark and head of Livescenen
  • Ramzi Essayed, Dubai, band member of Bilocate (Jordan) and member of Jorzine Magazine
  • Hussein Shehady, Beirut, Metal Bell Magazine

Here are the bands which are choosen to take part in the W:O:A METAL BATTLE Middle East 2015:

Regional battle in Dubai – including the bands from Jordan:

  • Ascendent
  • Benevolent
  • Point of View
  • Svengali
  • Exile (Jordan)
  • Relics (Jordan)

Regional battle in Lebanon, Beirut:

  • April
  • Blaakyum
  • Innterguilt
  • Turbulence

Regional battle in Egypt, Cairo:

  • Ahl Sina
  • Destiny in Chains
  • Mephostophilis
  • Nathyr
  • Sinprophecy

The regional battles will start end of March and during April. As soon as the venues confirm the battle dates, we will let you know!

The bands will receive an invitation document for the battle soon with the world-wide rules and conditions and we will know then latest end of February if they accept or not.

We are looking forward to having amazing band competitions this spring time and we will keep you updated here again and again \m/