Founded in 2017, the Cairo Baroque Ensemble unites some of the finest musicians of the city.

Most of them members of the Cairo Symphony Orchestra:
Dirk Boysen, Baroque Violine | Ahmed Farag, Oboe | Peter Olah, Flute | Mohamed Abd El Fatah, Violoncello | Mohamed Saleh, Harpsichord

Kairo Barock Ensemble

Cairo Baroque Ensemble

What we do

As it is rare to find music from the Baroque Era in classical symphony concert programs, the ensemble´s aim is it to create projects in different combinations of instrumental and vocal settings. We want to perform the outstanding beautiful music of the great composers of the Baroque Era like Corelly, Vivaldi, Bach, Händel, Telemann and many others!

According to the current playing standards of Baroque music, the ensemble clearly commits itself to the so called “historically informed performing” (historische Aufführungspraxis), involving specific articulation, tone, bowing etc. and, as far as possible, the use of original baroque instruments, or genuine copies of them.

What makes us unique

The ensemble is prospecting ideas of combining the music with other forms of creative expression and arts: lectures, exhibitions, dance as some examples. We address a public, that not only wants to listen to a live performing ensemble. But furthermore wants to get a deeper insight into a cultural epoch, that still bears fascination and a magnificent unpretentious lightness by its vivid and sometimes frantic out- balancing of dissonance and harmony.

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