No matter if jazz, classic or hard rock.

All our composers have an academic music background as well as a talent and a sense for music.


christianChristian is composing and arranging CLASSIC, JAZZ and POP-CLASSIC for us. He studied piano and conducting in Amsterdam and is an experienced conductor and a talented and awarded composer and arranger.

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Examples of his references:

  • Dortmunder Philharmoniker
  • Bielefelder Philharmoniker
  • Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt
  • Philharmonisches Orchester Hagen
  • TfN Philharmonie
  • WDR Rundfunkorchester


Producer – Composer – Arranger – Pianistfathy-salama
The Arab World’s Only Grammy and BBC Awards Winner
Cairo-born Fathy Salama’s first introduction to music was through Arab greats like Om Kalthoum, Mohamed Abdel Wahab and Farid El Atrash and through occidental classical music such as Bartok and Tchaikovsky. He started playing the piano at the age of six, and by thirteen he was playing gigs in Cairo clubs.

Salama went on to study jazz in Egypt and then in the United States with jazz legends like Barry Harris, Hal Galper, Malik Osman, Pat Patrick and Sun Ra. The studies included Jazz scales, harmony, improvisation, Arabic scales, rhythms, improvisation, writing for string sections and writing scores for films.

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