Phenomy is the winner band of the Metal Battle in Lebanon

On 27th of April, four bands in Beirut took the challenge to battle for a slot in the world-wide final of the Metal Battle at the Wacken Festival 2018.

Lets check out the winner band:
Approaching the metal scene with a solid ground, a clear vision, and a steady aim; Influenced by Thrash metal and their love for melodies, they set out to define a sound of their own, away from the common labels and flavors of the genre:

Phenomy, a Lebanon-based five-piece band, was formed by it’s members with that sole purpose of working hard towards being one of the few bands who will give the scene what it truly needs.

Their debut album « Once And For All », written in 2014 by Loïc and Rudy, was released on Nov 2016 via nocturna records.

« Once And For All » as a concept album, addressed subjects and matters inspired by the writers‘ lives; their dreams, fantasies and nightmares woven into the notes of each song–the sounds painting the tortures faced in life.
The album tackled social injustice along with other social issues faced on a day-to-day basis by each one of us. With a steady „stick-it-to-the-man“ growl, the album also picks up subjects
of abused capitalism, brainwashed masses and the indoctrinated ’social norms‘ that we’ve all grown to hate.

Being in an area that doesn’t tolerate metal, Phenomy still succeeded with « Once And For All » with fans and thrash lovers.
« If you are into exploring exotic things but still want to play in the safe, Bay Area Thrash Metal zone, then this album is just for you. An amazing piece of art straight from a country not known for our type of music. » – , UK based online music magazine.

Album artwork designed by Rhett Podersoo from Machine Room Design.

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