Service Portfolio

For Sound and Music we offer the following services for you

For the digital world

  • Sound Logo
  • Voice Over
  • Jingles and Advertising Music
  • Ringtones and Earcons (accoustic icons)
  • Sonofication (visualization of sound and music)
  • Digital Sound Interaction

For the analog world

  • Hotline Music
  • Point of Sales Sound
  • Store Music
  • Product Sound

For the marketing strategy

  • Creative Sound Workshop
  • Briefing and Sound Branding integration
  • Licences (depending on country)
  • Artist to Company Management


As we do not offer standard solutions we also do not have standard prices. Every solution is unique and customized. We will be able to create attrative packages for you as well as individual single solutions. Please feel free to contact us for further information!