We are working with an international team of different nationalities, characters and competencies!

MORTIMER HARVEY | Partner for Marketing and Social Media Solutions




Mortimer Harvey is a fully integrated marketing and communications agency based in South Africa and the Middle East, offering a full go-to-market service. They are extremely proud of the relationships they have developed with locally owned suppliers in East and West Africa, as well as in Egypt. These creative collaborations have not only resulted in a high calibre of creative work that’s relevant to the market, they’ve also benefitted the local economy by creating income and employment.






is the prime partner for recording and music production. Monika and Amr are working together since 2013.

Ganoub Studio was founded in 1998 by Amr & Tarek Hefny as a rehearsal studio. It was the first project studio in Cairo for underground bands and independent artists. In 2002 Ganoub Studio became Cairo’s premier studio with full professional music recording and production services.
The studio equipment is available at



Due to the longterm experiences in music business and artist management in Munich and Cairo, Monika has a huge network of professional musicians and bands; mo matter if jazz, classic or hard rock. They all have an academic music background as well as a talent and a sense for music.