Find out now why paid likes and followers may be useless for you!

What is your business? 

Most businesses produce something or offer services. Also you? Then you need prospects, interested in your offer and, of course, customers. Using Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram can help you, to make your prospects learn more about your business and to inform your customers about new offers. Even more important – Social Media Marketing is an easy way to interact with prospects and customers and to build a trustful relationship.

Of course you also want to win new customers and want to use the Social Media as a platform. Often people think, therefore it is a must to have many „fans“ on your Facebook page and many „followers“ in Twitter and Instagram. And this as fast as possible. Robots and paid services can help you with this.

But – there is a big „but“.

How does it work with robots or paid likes / followers? Robots are software programs which creates accounts and likes/followers. Some robots are also able to comment and are used as influencers. Paid likes and followers is some kind of homework from for example students who get a few cents per like.

The number of likes and followers may look great on a first view. But you remember – the value of Social Media Marketing comes with new prospects and new customers. The paid likes and followers are mainly not interested in your business. They follow you cause they got paid for. And they don’t care. Not for your business, not for new offers. The will not interact with you, they will not build any relation with you.

Ok, you got it? But what is the solution now?

First of all: You need a solid business with quality products and services. This is the basic for success. Reliability in products and services. This is your main business! Otherwise all marketing activities will work short term only and are just a „nice to have“.

To promote your business in Social Media, you will need quality content: Product information, offers, online services, market research and reports and so on. The presentation of your content is the crux. Social Media platforms are full of fun which goes viral more or less from alone.
Why? Because fun is emotional. In mature markets emotions matter.

govad MUSIC can help you to find the exact balance for your content presentation
– serious enough to represent your business but emotional enough
– to go viral – to build a trustful relationship – to create interaction – and… 

– to be recommended. And this is your solution to subtend paid likes. Your prospects and customers will recommend you. In Social Media this became very easy. Just share, just like, just forward and the „friends“ of your customers will see, will also like, will also start to interact with you.

We support you in Social Media with emotional marketing concepts and we do – very state of the art – sound branding as innovative emotional element. Not only pictures, also music touches your heart. We create the love song for your business!
Contact us now for further information!

So – robots and paid likes are useless?

No, not if you do not promote you business online but your business is the website itself. If you want to sell your website and make money with advertising and affiliate marketing; then you will need many many fans and followers and all you want them to do is to visit your website and to click on one of the ads. You will create a lot of „for free“ or „discount“ offers. But this does not matter. It only matters that people will click on the advertising. As this will be paid at the end. Also if you want to sell yourself as a public person, then it might help to have many fans and followers.

But this is not the business of govad MUSIC.

We do the love song for your business.