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International Scrum Master (ISM) accomplished

I do project management now for many years and I never stop learning and making new experiences to be always up to date.

The Scrum Method is originally made for software development. This was end of the 90s and till now times have changed. Today Scrum is an effective way also for digital marketing projects.

The Scrum Master can be titled as the coach of the team. The focus lies in self responsible work of all team members and the Scrum Master is the one, serving the team to lead them to a successfull result. There are some ideas convincing me. Here are two examples:

First, the Scrum Master can be described as following:

° Knowledgeable ° Curiosity ° Open and Transparent ° Protective ° Collaborative.

This is exactly what fits to me. Also the main question of a Scrum Master every day should be "What can I do to help you today?" He (or she) is not commanding but supporting the team, using the capabilities of the single team members. This is, how it should work.

Also I love the fundamental Scrum trade offs:

Individuals and Interactions o v e r processes and tools Working software /solutions o v e r comprehensive documentation

Customer collaboration o v e r contract negotiation

Responding to change o v e r following a plan.

In my opinion this should not only be considered in a Scrum Project but also in daily life. Especially in Egypt the business mentality is closer to those ideas than in Germany.

The world became more complex. Establishing flexibility into growing and technology driven projects, even in marketing, without loosing a straight on result and value oriented work process is exactly the right way. And even if companies or teams do not exactly follow the Scrum method but have the idea and principles in mind, it is in every case an added value for each project.

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